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Artist Interviews - Mahtab Abdollahi

3T Art Blog Guest Artist

Mahtab Abdollahi – Mixed Media Artist

I’d like to introduce you to an artist I’ve known for a few years. Her name is Mahtab Abdollahi.

No matter what medium Mahtab works in, her art is always vibrant, graceful and inspiring. Today, we’re going to have a look at her Mixed Media Art pieces. I’m sure you’ll see what I mean once you’ve met her and have had a look at some of her work.

Mahtab has always had an interest in art. When asked why she creates art, her answer came easily.

‘I love to paint. I love mixing colours. I feel there is something inside me. I have to study myself. I need to find out about it and get it out.’

Blue Dream, 10x10”, Mixed Media

Being a full-time artist is relatively new for Mahtab. She took the leap four years ago and hasn’t looked back. Before then, she worked as a graphic designer until her daughter was born in 2010, then she did freelance design work for private clients. She enjoyed her design work but was very happy to switch back to Fine Art.

Celebration, 30x30”, Mixed Media

Mahtab’s art education is well rounded. She has a Bachelor of Art in Fine Art, from the Alzahra University in Tehran/Iran (1988) and a Masters of Art in Illustration from the Art University in Tehran/Iran (2003). After arriving in Canada, Mahtab continued her art education with a Graphic Design Diploma from George Brown College in Toronto (2006 – 2009) and she also studied The Art of Type at OCAD University, Continuing Education, in Toronto (2011).

Her favourite mediums to create art with share a common thread.

‘I do mixed media, acrylic and watercolour. I love any medium with water!’

Alive, 12x12” Mixed Media

Most artists have a favourite colour palette they like to work with. Mahtab says she likes all colours but she guesses that blue and red are the colours that she likes to use the most often.

As for inspiration, Mahtab has a few things to draw from.

‘My inspiration is nature, love and other artists’ amazing artwork.’

Hope, 12x12” Mixed Media

Over the years, Mahtab’s work has been noticed. In 2018, she was awarded first place at Art Aurora in the Mixed Media category. She’s also received an Honourable Mention from the Newmarket Municipal Offices for Newmarket Heritage (2014) and she was on the Dean’s Honour List at George Brown College; Winter 2007, Winter 2008, as well as in Spring 2009. She’s also had her work published in George Brown College’s Annual Students book and in the Annual Painting collection in Iran. Early on, she was awarded two gold coins in a Youth Art Festival.

Mahtab is currently a member of the Newmarket Group of Artists and the Ontario Society of Artists. She teaches private art classes at the Newmarket Seniors’ Meeting Place located in Newmarket’s Old Town Hall.

Born Free, 8x8”, Mixed Media on board

When asked about her process, Mahtab was happy to share her steps in creating her Mixed Media art work titled ‘Gigi’.

‘First, I play randomly on my canvas. Add, subtract colours, and create textures. Sometimes, I glue on papers that have pattern or use tissue paper. Added material gives depth and layers to the painting. I use anything that can create textures and make the background exciting and ready for work. The possibilities are endless; the recycle bin is my treasure box!’

‘Then, I do the drawing. Based on the drawing, I cover some paints or add more. I will sketch some other simple shapes.’

‘All of the process is like a puzzle and I don’t know the result myself. The painting directs me to decide what the next step is.’

‘Sometimes, I achieve the result fast, sometimes it takes longer. Sometimes, I have to put it aside and then go back to it later.’

Gigi – finished piece

Before we wrap up our artist interview with Mahtab, I’d like to show you a few more of her wonderful Mixed Media Art pieces!

Cherries Celebration, 30x30”, Mixed Media

A Woman, 8x8”, Mixed Media

Poppy Field 5, 12x12”, Mixed Media

Fate, 10x10”, Mixed Media

Infinity, 30x30”, Mixed Media

You can see more of Mahtab’s work on her website at:

If you’re interested in purchasing a painting or have Mahtab create a commission piece for you, contact her directly at:

And, you can find her on Instagram @Mahtab_Abdollahi

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