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Artist Interviews - Darlene Winfield

3T Art Blog Guest Artist

Darlene Winfield – Impressionistic Oil Painter

I’d like to introduce you to Darlene Winfield, an artist I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for a long time. She’s a high-energy artist who has an emotional connection to her work for which she’s well known locally, nationally and recently, internationally.

When I first met Darlene, she was at a cross-roads. She needed to decide what direction to take her art career. Instead of painting a variety of subject matter, as she was then, she knew she needed to focus on just one subject.

In 2012, Darlene took the plunge and became a full-time artist. Landscapes were the direction she was heading in and nobody could stop her.

“It has always been a goal to become a full-time artist, and despite a long and winding road to becoming a full-time artist, it happened!”

As far as art education goes, Darlene’s classroom was the world. She’d always loved art and had taken art classes at school. When she went to college, she took business courses with electives in art and art history that took her on a tour of Greece and Italy. Afterwards, she returned to Europe and from there travelled the world to see and appreciate different cultures and artists styles.

“Visiting the museums, galleries and historical sites was invaluable. In my opinion, immersing one’s self in art around the world is an education in itself.”

Renewal - 30x60” oil on canvas

When asked about her medium, Darlene didn’t hesitate; buttery oil paint on a large sized canvas is her preference every time.

“Painting large allows me to enter the world of the painting on the easel.”

Pondering Too – 36x36” oil on canvas

Darlene works from her photographs, adding or subtracting from them in both composition and colour to suit her vision. Many times, she works with a formulated idea, as she’s been doing with her current floral series. This method completely absorbs her. There’s no predetermined composition to fall back on; no photo or crutch. It’s moved her more toward the abstract.

I believe this intuitive painting is the first step to creating abstract work. It is challenging and I find myself completely absorbed with this form of painting. The outcome of a painting done like this presents itself without being designed by real life photos or anything but where the paint lead you as an artist.”

Dancing in the Rain – 48x48” oil on canvas

Darlene’s colour palettes are connected to her emotions. Her approach is to create a series of paintings and switch up the main colours to compliment the subject matter. You will always see blue and white in her paintings. She just loves these colours and they have symbolic meanings for her.

“White is full of hope and open to anything. Space and dreams live in white for me.

Blue is a colour that I love. It encompasses all types of feelings and can visually change the mood of a painting for me.”

Exhilarating – 42x42” oil on canvas

During the start of COVID-19, Darlene created many paintings with cooler blues and greys in them. After painting the series, she realized they were somewhat quiet and reflective of the times and mirrored how she had been feeling.

“I paint emotionally and find that it affects my choices without my knowing it until I look back.”

A Quiet Look – 40x60” oil on canvas

Darlene has definitely turned a corner since then. Her Floral Series reflects her hopeful attitude: happy, loose and colourful.

Garden Party – 40x60” oil on canvas

When asked about her process, Darlene says that she’ll start by paint sketching her new idea loosely onto her canvas. She uses traditional oil painting techniques enhanced with layering to create texture. Her imagination and emotions bring her painting to life.

“I use brushes, a palette knife and my hands to work with mixed media and oil paint.”

Garden Up! – oil on canvas

In 2019, Darlene move to Peterborough, Ontario, where she could spread out and create an amazing art space for herself. From what she tells me, she prefers a minimalistic approach to her home which allows her to dedicate most of it to her art and her career. She has vast areas of studio and gallery space, and enough room to wrap and pack her large paintings for shipping.

But, when asked what her studio looked like, Darlene said:

“It is a mess! I am cleaning it up after being asked for a photo. You do know that photos on the internet never leave.”

Since Darlene embarked on being a full-time artist, she has really made a name for herself. She’s won several awards and has had more than a few write-ups in local newspapers.

Darlene has been juried into many exhibitions and art shows such as the highly acclaimed Artist Project in Toronto, the Haliburton Art Show and the Toronto Outdoor Art Fair which she’s been juried into again this year.

Another place you can find Darlene’s work is in galleries. She’s a star in many of them, both bricks and mortar and online.

Here are some of the galleries you can find her work in:

Paula White Diamond Art Gallery – Waterloo, Ontario

State of the Art – East York (Toronto), Ontario

Select Art Gallery – Newmarket, Ontario

Savvy Art – Oakville, Ontario

More of Darlene’s work:

Beach – 30x60” oil on canvas

Reflect Softly – 20x20” oil on canvas

Wave Back - 54x54” oil on gallery canvas

Dancing Light - 48x48” oil on gallery canvas

Bright and Sunny Days - 54x54” oil on gallery canvas

You can check out more of Darlene’s work on her website at

You can stay current with her work through Instagram @ darlenewinfield

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the pieces you’ve seen in this blog post or would like a commission piece, you can contact Darlene directly at:

“My biggest award is people connecting with my works.”

- Darlene J. Winfield -

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