The Elements of Art - Part I

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

This month, the 3T Art Blog is focused on art basics. They're not as scary as you might think!

To get you moving in the right direction with your work from the start, we’re going to get familiar with some basic art terminology. You’ve probably heard the words colour, value, form, shape, space, line and texture many times. Did you know they’re considered to be the 7 Elements of Art? You can think of them as the foundation or building blocks of any good artwork, no matter the medium. They work together to help your art communicate with the viewer and get your message across to them.

There’s a lot to go over so I’m breaking up the 7 Elements into two blog posts. We’ll look at colour, value and form in this blog post and leave shape, line, space and texture for the next week. Let jump right in!

1. Colour

Colour is an element with many facets. We