Mixed Media Art

In this 3T Art Blog, we’re going to have a look at Mixed Media Art. It’s a category of art that has many facets. Endless mediums and objects can be used to create outstanding art pieces. We’ll have a look at Mixed Media’s beginnings, through the past century, to how we perceive it today. And, I’m going to introduce you to Mahtab Abdollahi, an artist who’s an expert when it comes to Mixed Media Art.

Brief History of Mixed Media Art

Mixed Media Art, and what we understand it to be, would not exist without the invention of Cubism. Did you know that artists Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque are responsible for co-inventing Cubism in 1908? Yes, it’s true. This venture created the concept of Modern Art and the Mixed Media Art forms we know today.

Cubism can be defined as ‘a revolutionary new approach to representing reality’. Different views of the same still life subjects are brought together creating an abstract painting that appears to be fragmented.