Drawing V - The Art of the Human Figure

Creating artwork centred on the human figure has captivated artists for centuries. Drawing the human figure is the most basic way to learn about how our bodies are structured and how we move around.

In this 3T Art Blog post, we’re going to have a look at gesture drawing, talk about manikins, casts and Bargue drawings which is a drawing course that’ll help you when it comes to learning how to draw the human figure.

I’m also going to introduce you to Steve Pietrzyk, a full-time art model. Don’t be fooled, modelling is hard work and takes a great deal of practice for models to get their poses just right. From short gestures to a few hour long poses, it takes training and dedication on the part of the model, and Steve is one of the best.

Brief History of the Human Form

Let’s start with a bit of history. When and where did our fascination with creating artwork centred on the human form begin?