Drawing III - Stages of a Drawing

Welcome back to the 3T Art Blog!

So, you have a great idea for a drawing and you’ve taken the time to set up a fab still life. The components are all in place. It looks just like you imagined it would. Now, where do you start the drawing?

In this post, the 3T Art Blog is going to help you answer that question. We’re going to have a look at where to start your drawing, how to measure accurate proportions and how to create relationships between the objects in your drawing.

Our Still Life

Here’s a pic of the still life we set up last week. After a few lighting set ups, we ended up selecting this one because of the strong dark, mid-tone and light values. It has a lot of information to guide you in your shading which is what will turn your line drawn shapes into objects with form. It’s what you need no matter what you’re drawing. Without information, we need to guess at how to create the forms of objects and those guesses aren’t always successful.